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Choosing the size of the implant

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Choosing the right size implant is an important decision. This video explains how our surgeons offer advice on choosing the best size for you.

Many patients end up having too large implants. We will advise you that the thickness of soft tissue cover to the implant is vital and there will be trade-offs if you go too large. Choosing the size of the implant can be done by filling an empty bra, bio-dimensional measurements and photographic 3D imaging.

Our 3D Vectra imaging software is extremely high tech and very useful when choosing your prosthesis, we use only the best equipment available to provide you with the most accurate information and projections.

All of the methods used to determine your implant size are part of the packages we offer and there is always a second consultation before surgery.

Some patients after surgery wish they had chosen larger prosthesis and some patients further down the line wish they had chosen smaller prosthesis. At Simply Better Breasts we will provide you with as much information and advice as possible to ensure you make a fully informed decision on your prosthesis and most importantly that you are happy with your choice.

Simply Better Breasts owned by Surgeons is simply the best.

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