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The mistakes people make

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What you need to know about preparing for your operation.

1. NOT realistic – this may lead to disappointment and long term complications.

2. Don't learn enough about the operation itself, this will make informed decisions difficult.

3. They are seduced by advertising and pictures on the internet.

4. Go for the interest free package. Then when things go wrong or poor post–operative care such as PIP implants being used, blame everyone but themselves!

5. Make the wrong choice of surgeon.

6. Choose prosthesis that are too large for their size.

7. Choose a surgeon or company who have minimal aftercare and are vague about how often complications occur and are dealt with.

8. Not being realistic: Breasts, even augmented breasts will change with time, particularly with future pregnancies when breasts droop and the risk of capsular contracture increases.

9. Most patients after surgery wish they were larger, some patients 10 years after surgery wish they were smaller. The best long term result is an implant size that your tissues will allow and support without excessive thinning and drooping.

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