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We're on a high this week!

As this week draws to a close, we reflect back, and in particular our highpoint has to be the launch of our long awaited Good Boob Bible. Firstly, big thanks to our guests for coming along on Monday and showing such enthusiasm and interest in our book. There’s no denying it brings an immense sense of satisfaction and achievement for this project which from concept to finished product took the best part of two and half years to complete. We hope the distillation of all our years of experience will benefit our patients and help them make the correct and best choices for them.

Good Boob Bible Book Launch

This forthcoming Monday, 4th March, 2013 sees the Launch of our Good Boob Bible where guests have been invited to attend and preview the book for themselves.

So when does ageing hit?

Marketers tells us that for the modern lady life begins at 40 but researchers at the University of the West of England and Trinity University, Texas found women aged 46 are most likely to talk about ageing extremely often and are more likely to say I’m too old to wear a bikini compared with ladies over the age of 60. They also found that ‘fat talk’ decreased with age.

Those who worried about age were less likely to look after themselves and had less quality of life.

Brazil in 2nd place!

In 2011 905,124 Cosmetic Surgery procedures were performed in Brazil placing it in 2nd place after the United States. Cosmetic Surgeons in Brazil are feted, almost like superstars and are quick to promote that submitting to the knife is normal. The question is not “Why did you have Cosmetic Surgery?” but “Why didn't you?” and acts like a badge of wealth and stylishness. The boom in Cosmetic Surgery is due to the economic stability with favourable exchange rates and low basic prices.

HRT study flawed!

A study that caused a health scare over the safety of hormone replacement therapy ten years ago linking HRT to breast cancer was flawed. As a result of this study the number of women prescribed HRT in England fell 4.9 million in 2002 to 2.3 million in 2010.

Scientists have revealed several errors in the original study including an increased number of women who already had cancer because the participants in the trial were recruited through breast screening programmes.

Nothing is simple in life as the new study’s authors admit to having links with companies that produce HRT drugs.

New guidelines published by Royal College of Surgeons

The Royal College of Surgeons have published new guidelines - Professional Standards for Cosmetic Practice.

The new guidelines from the college state that it should be standard practice to discuss relevant psychological issues including referring patients when appropriate to clinical psychologists. It should also be made clear to the patient whose responsibility it would be to pay for any additional care as the NHS will not intervene to correct privately provided cosmetic procedures even if the outcome is poor.

The Key recommendations from the guidelines are;

Highlights from the Annual Audit from BAAPS

The annual audit figures from BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) have been published and Breast Augmentation operations have dipped slightly from 10,015 in 2011 to 9854 in 2012 - a drop of 1.6%. However this does not truly reveal the decrease nationwide. Many patients who would normally have gone to the commercial clinics instead went to BAAPs members and many of the reported cases will include patients having their PIP implants exchanged.

‘Fly in, Fly out’

In medical litigation a surgeon’s performance is judged by the standard of what a reasonable consultant plastic surgeon should provide, and compared with other plastic surgeons.

This includes:

Preoperative consultations - where the patient’s suitability, options available and the surgical procedure with possible complications are explained.

The Operation - where the technical performance is assessed.

Post-operative Care - given and supervised by the surgeon who performed the operation.

Old before their time!

It’s now becoming more common for girls to develop breasts at a much younger age with reports of girls as young as 7 developing breasts, even though puberty among Caucasian girls has remained constant at about the age of 12. Scientists have found that these poor young girls are developing their breasts despite the fact they have a low level of the hormone Oestrogen (Oestradiol) in their bodies.

Hiding Behind The Veil Of Incorporation

‘Women who had PIP implants inserted are finding less consumer protection than their sisters who purchased a vacuum cleaner – Sunday Times’

Companies who operated on 1000’s of patients carried no or insufficient insurance against the use of faulty implants they provided and depended on their surgeons insurance which often was supplied from abroad.

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