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Our Surgeon, Miles Berry has something to say about the Patterson Inquiry

News of a surgeon under GMC suspension for his unusual management of breast
cancer patients is unfortunate in a patient group already under the stress and
strain of an unpleasant diagnosis.

Whatever the facts of this specific case, it is important for women to be aware
of the issues. Over the last decade, breast-sparing techniques have not only
appeared, but when performed correctly, have similar safety to mastectomy.
This oncological treatment has the further benefit of improved cosmetic

MG Berry, co-author of:

Clinical breast examination - Is it so important?

A report in the BMJ by Dr Des Spence is very thought provoking.

In some countries examining the breast is promoted to screen for breast cancer (American Cancer Society). There is no evidence that Doctor based screening and teaching self-examination reduces breast cancer death rates but they may cause harm by anxiety and over investigation.

Examining the breast in ladies for screening and ladies with no lumps is of no use. The best way of screening ladies without lumps is routine mammography and all women should be ‘breast aware’.

The Cancer Gamble

The report out this week from the Department of Health and Cancer Research UK shows that women between the ages of 50 and 70 who undergo breast screening are 3 times as likely to be treated for cancer that would never have harmed them as they are to have their lives saved.

Placenta Facial ~ The Latest Celebrity Endorsed Cosmetic Treatment

The skin is a fantastically efficient organ and ‘Macintosh’; it’s designed to keep water (which is what we are principally made of) in and keep foreign chemicals out.

Having read an article in the Times, this highlights fashion trends mostly in people that have more money than sense.

The treatment consists of microdermabrasion and then rubbing in placental extracts in a gold leaf serum and is either human afterbirth from Russia or from animals in Switzerland. At best this cream is not absorbed and therefore will do no good.

Less is more?

In reference to the six page article in the Sunday Times Style Magazine entitled ‘Let’s get it off our chest’ along with a nude cover photo showing extensive rippling of her chest consistent with Breast Augmentation.

Much of the article is a rehash of the importance of the female breast through the ages with a 20th/21st Century classification of happy sacred and luxury boobs. The conclusion is that breast revealing is so common now that it is passé and French ladies breasts are espoused to be the best even though breast augmentation is more common in France than the UK.

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