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Brazil in 2nd place!

In 2011 905,124 Cosmetic Surgery procedures were performed in Brazil placing it in 2nd place after the United States. Cosmetic Surgeons in Brazil are feted, almost like superstars and are quick to promote that submitting to the knife is normal. The question is not “Why did you have Cosmetic Surgery?” but “Why didn't you?” and acts like a badge of wealth and stylishness. The boom in Cosmetic Surgery is due to the economic stability with favourable exchange rates and low basic prices.

Increased concern with body image may also have something to do with multi ethnic origins of Brazilian society. There was the original indigenous of society who mixed with black African slaves and the Brazilian white elite who encouraged south European immigration to ‘whiten’ the population. The result is brown skin with an African body. The ideal now seems to be European facial characteristics with breasts like an American and a bum like a Brazilian. It must be of concern that the body shape has become a commodity and the attractions of the consumer dream are powerful.