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About Breast Augmentation

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At Simply Better Breasts, we want to make the process of choosing breast augmentation treatment simpler and we can do this by providing you with the information you require to make an informed choice.

Usually ladies want breast augmentation surgery because their breasts are small, in proportion to the rest of their body or if their breasts have become smaller following childbirth.

Many women find that their confidence is damaged as a result of having small breasts or their breasts reducing in size after childbirth, in some cases surgery on your breasts may not be what is required but in other cases breast augmentation is the only solution in terms of a woman having bigger breasts. You should never be pressured into surgery by a company nor should you feel under pressure to agree with the prosthesis that the surgeon suggests, they are there to guide you and assist you in making decisions based on useful information. Ultimately you know what size and shape you would like your breasts to be but it is your surgeon’s job to advise you whether these expectations can be met sensibly.

Choosing the right surgeon to guide you through your surgery is vital. They should take a medical history from you, examine your chest and then explain fully to you the possible trade-offs and complications and with help of 3D vector analysis allow you to make the appropriate choices, as mentioned earlier it is the surgeons job to provide quality information to modify your expectations through the pre operation consultation period, surgery and aftercare.

The best breast augmentation operation with the lowest complication rate is the ABBA technique which can be adapted for droopy breasts and for ladies of breasts of different sizes (asymmetry).

We use Cohesive Gel Implants with a special laminated shell which come with a lifetime guarantee and insurance and allows you to choose with confidence. We have never used PIP Trilucent or Misty Gold prosthesis; we use only the best quality breast prosthesis.

Simply Better Breasts is renowned for the quality service that we provide, because we only have top surgeons and use the best technology we ensure that you will always be looked after and you will be provided with more than enough quality information to help you decide the important details of your breast augmentation surgery.

Simply Better Breasts is owned by Surgeons and is simply the best.

For further information please view the Q&A sections of our website or contact us on the following:

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