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Breast Enlargement by Simply Better Breasts

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At Simply Better Breasts we want to make the process of choosing your breast enlargement treatment simpler and we can do this by providing you with quality information to help you make an informed choice.

Unhappiness with breast size may result from a failure of normal development at puberty, beautiful breasts lost after pregnancy, asymmetry or after successful cancer treatment.

The methods of correction include disguise, using various styles of brassiere with or without external fillers or padding.

Other methods of correction include:

  • Exercise

    Doing Exercise only increases the prominence of the chest wall upon which the breasts lie and does not increase the breast size itself.

  • Creams and Drugs

    Using a multitude of creams and drugs at best can cause a temporary increase in size by irritation and at worst can cause serious harm, we recommend avoiding the use of creams and drugs.

  • Injection of Free Silicone

    This technique was popularised in Japan and led to many disasters and is something we strongly recommend that you stay away from.

  • Suction of the Breasts

    This is very difficult to achieve and only lasts temporarily, this will not give you a permanent breast enhancement and so we recommend not using this method.

  • Fat Grafts

    These have been available for several years and nobody has achieved satisfactory results so far, this is most definitely not the answer to increasing your breast size at the present time.

What is the Solution then?

Silicone or saline filled implants remain the gold standard technique for breast enlargement and surgery is therefore required.

How big should the implant be?

Almost every patient, no matter what sized implant is used, comments "They're beautiful, but I wish they were larger". However many ladies often return years later and say how pleased they were they had the operation but “they wish they were a little smaller”.

3D scanning can help with choosing the right size, but the ultimate decision for long term best results depends upon the thickness of soft tissue cover that your body has. Everyone is different in this respect. The soft tissue will thin further with time from the implant, the bigger the implant the more thinning there will be.

Things you are not told

  • No augmented breast will feel or move normally.
  • No surgical implant lasts forever.
  • All implants require maintenance.
  • Tissues covering the implant will change with time. Your own breasts change with time.

The Bottom Line

The main thing to do when considering breast enlargements is do your research, this site provides information surrounding all aspects of breast enhancement surgery and so by reading this site, extracting information from other sites and speaking to experienced surgeons you will gather a multitude of quality information that allows you to make the most informed decisions about your surgery.

If you can know what you want before you start in terms of prosthesis, surgery and aftercare then it makes it far easier to go through the various processes and ultimately be happy with the procedure. Many patients have to have a second operation either early or late. After more than two operations the results usually get worse and so use the quality information from your research to work out what it is you want.

If you are sensible and realistic, find a good surgeon and listen to his advice then breast augmentation can be a hugely positive life changing event and breast enlargement produces some of the happiest patients cosmetic surgery.

Simply Better Breasts owned by Surgeons is simply the best.

For further information please view the Q&A sections of our website or contact us on the following:

Call 0800 644 0321 or e-mail us at [email protected]

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