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Long Term Care and Maintenance

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What you need to know about caring for your implants.

Prosthesis do not last forever, the longer they are in, the greater the rate of capsular contracture. Pregnancy and smoking increases the rate of capsular contracture.

The larger the prosthesis, the more likely they are to droop over time, especially if they are in front of the muscle. Whether you have had implants or not your body tissues change.

You may be able to feel the edge of the prosthesis as a knuckle as your tissues get thinner. You may think this a breast lump – GET IT CHECKED.

As your tissues become thinner, rippling may become obvious on the outside especially when u bend forward; this is less obvious with a cohesive gel implant.

You should not be put off having routine breast screening. They will not burst your prosthesis no matter how hard they squeeze. Mammography screens the breast tissue. Ultrasound screens the prosthesis. Some centres have a special interest in breast augmentation patients – Contact Us.

Cohesive Gel Implants do not necessarily need to be replaced after a set number of years. If you have no symptoms or problems, they can be safely left.

If your breasts become hard and are painful the options are:

  • Leave them alone
  • Divide the capsular scar CAPSULOTOMY
  • Remove the prosthesis
  • Remove the prosthesis and excise the capsule CAPSULECTOMY
  • Remove the prosthesis and capsule, replace with a new prosthesis
  • Remove the prosthesis, capsule, lift up the breast with a mastopexy with/without new prosthesis

These operations require skill and expertise – CHOOSE YOUR SURGEON CAREFULLY!

Polyurethane coated implants may be used in patients with capsular contracture.

In general, a surgeon has two chances to operate successfully on your breast. After that, due to scarring and thinning of the tissues, things can go from bad to worse.
Massaging has no place in softening breasts especially if the implants are textured. Hard breasts should never be squeezed to break the capsule.

Substantial support using properly fitted non underwire bras help prevent drooping of the breasts.

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