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Choosing a Surgeon

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Dr Dai Davies offers advice on choosing a surgeon.

1. Selecting a surgeon is the single most important decision in assuring the best result. The best surgeons have fewer complications.

2. His nurse, nurse coordinator and patient councillor are paid to say how brilliant he is!

3. You can recognise a great surgeon without the surgeon having to tell you. Caring, thoroughness, substance and communication are important attributes to look for.

4. Make sure your surgeon and anaesthetist are properly trained and insured, ask for CV’s beforehand.

5. Look at the Quality of Information that is given to you from the;
a. Internet
b. Brochures
c. Before and After Photographs
d. PowerPoint information and DVDs
e. Books

6. When showing you photos, has the surgeon performed these procedures himself, are they his results, diagrams and written words?

7. Questions to ask at consultation:
a. How many operations did you perform last year?
b. What complications did you have?
c. What is your overall capsular contracture rate and how long is the follow up?
d. What are the 3 most important things you’d advise me about this operation?
e. How can I lower my chances of capsular contracture?
f. What are the three worst things that can happen?

8. When you ring the office the first time, do you hear courtesy, knowledge, customer service – NOT hard sell?

9. Do you think your surgeon will be around in ten years’ time?

10. Did the company or surgeon use PIP prosthesis in the past?

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