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Old before their time!

It’s now becoming more common for girls to develop breasts at a much younger age with reports of girls as young as 7 developing breasts, even though puberty among Caucasian girls has remained constant at about the age of 12. Scientists have found that these poor young girls are developing their breasts despite the fact they have a low level of the hormone Oestrogen (Oestradiol) in their bodies.

It is now thought that an Oestrogen like chemical is triggering a false start by mimicking Oestrogen. One of these is called Bisphenol A (BPA), an organic compound known to be used in agriculture and plastics which end up in our water and food chain.

The use of BPA and hormones in agriculture has also resulted in decreased male fertility of fish and birds. Gynaecomastia 'Moobs' in young men has also markedly increased in the Caribbean and is thought to be caused by a diet consisting of excessive amounts of fast food chicken (these have been fed on Oestrogen to speed up their growth).

This recent development places an increasing stress on young girls who are now more aware and self-conscious of their bodies at a much younger age together with the added marketing pressures to wear more adult clothes before their time and to have thinner bodies.